An Image From 24 Years Ago, And More About Stevie Ray Vaughan


I first saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in March of 1983, and I knew I’d found a musician with the incredible talent and style to give my Leicas a run for their money. I wasn’t Jim Marshall and I’d never even seen Jimi Hendrix play, so hearing and seeing Vaughan was truly a decisive moment in my photography and in my life. He had moves to spare and the sound to back them up, and he was right on the brink of the fame he so deserved. Remember what passed for music in the early 1980’s? Vaughan managed to penetrate the wall of crap and even became a regular on MTV, and he brought the Blues and many of his influences, including his brother Jimmie Vaughan and others such as Buddy Guy right along with him. For all the flare and flash of his onstage persona, Vaughan was a humble man who gave his all to his playing- and he played all the time, that’s what he lived for. He intensely loved music and it showed, and that was one of the things that made him such a great subject for the camera. I met him at the time my photography was really evolving and that was a blessing. Capturing the essence of a musician in a fraction of a second is what I sought then and what I still seek. Exploring the light and the music I love and turning it into its visual equivalent is the passion of my life. I can’t imagine having a better chance to express that passion than through Stevie and his generosity toward his audience and his observers. His skill, his tone, and his contagious love for his guitar made my work very, very easy. I miss him often, and I miss him when I read most current band’s photo releases, too.  There will never be another like Stevie Ray Vaughan. What a privilege it was to hear and see him onstage and know him as a friend

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