Review: Zeiss Touit Lenses For Sony E Mount

Many years ago I shot music and architectural images in San Antonio and Houston with: (1) A small quality camera with German lenses, and (2) Other quality cameras with Zeiss T* lenses.. It seems not that much has changed, I recently used my Sony NEX-7 and the Zeiss 32mm and 12mm Touits for the Sony E mount to photograph Gary Clark Jr, Los Lonely Boys, and downtown San Antonio. These lenses are beautifully made and finished and extremely sharp, as you’d expect from the company. Their partnership with Sony has produced some great stuff, including the 24mm f1.8 E lens that gives the 35mm Leica Summicron very real competition at a much, much better price.

I enjoyed the lenses, although I very rarely need as wide a view as the 12mm (18mm 35mm equivalent on the Sony NEX series) but this lens would be great for large groups, interiors, etc if I shot them, so most of my experience was with the 32mm. This is a perfect lens for a shooter who used basically nothing besides a 50mm Dual Range Summicron on an M4 or M6 for many, many years. I would get other focal lengths but always went back to the normal focal length, and the DR was so sharp I could simply blow up and crop the images instead of using a longer lens. Just using the 32mm Touit for a short time I found the same thing to be true. Sharp, contrasty, Fast, and Lamp, Entry To NIX Medical Tower, San Antonio, Texas 4/19/2014Los Lonely Boys, Henry Garza, HOB Houston, November 2013Gary Clark Jr, Antone's 11/2013Johnny Moeller November 2013, No Flashgreat for my music and my architectural shots. In addition it has greater depth of field since its a 32mm. I’m not someone you’re going to hear discussing Bokeh or using LensBabies-I don’t like shallow or selective depth of field (in fact it sure would be nice to see a food photographer dare to be unique and not use that hackneyed technique). But I’m getting off the subject. The T* coating is pretty beautiful as well, and yes that gives you the Zeiss signature look.

Problems? Its been said that the lenses really hunt for focus in poor lighting and unfortunately that does seem to be the case. However, I use manual focus so I don’t worry about that and instead  just applaud the sharpness of my pics. If you’re not used to manual focus and you do shoot available light alot, it is something to consider. I don’t think there’s anything approaching this lens for the aps sensor though. I will be purchasing the 32mm Touit as soon as possible.


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