Continuing The Anniversaries In 2014

Image Another Anniversary this year: June 6 will be the 25th anniversary of the release of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s last album before Stevie’s passing: In Step. This is a shot from that long (but not long enough) tour: Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas November 24, 1989

From the “Fire Meets The Fury” tour Stevie did with Jeff Beck—what a show! Stevie was featuring songs from his great new album, “In Step”, a very fine collection of music that explored his and his songwriting partner Doyle Bramhall’s relationship with sobriety. That may sound a bit dull or preachy, but not in their hands with things like “House Is Rockin’” and “Tightrope.” LOTS of hard fast fantastic playing at this set.  I always loved the lighting at this venue. Occasionally the sound left something to be desired at Sam Houston Coliseum, but those spots! In this image its almost classic Rembrandt lighting—I called this the Dutch Masters shot.

One of these days I need to get my Jeff Beck images from that show scanned- there is some good stuff I’d like to share. I will have much more on the In Step anniversary  in the weeks to come.


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