Becoming A Troublemaker: Vintage Trouble

Nalle Colt Otside The Houston Continental ClubTy Taylor Houston TexasI finally got to see them live: Vintage Trouble. The extremely talented, very gracious, amazing guys who are taking the USA and Europe by storm this Summer- they’re already a big hit in the UK. Ala Jimi. They’re from LA but really broke in England first. NalleColt and Richard Danielson, Houston, TXNalleandTy (1 of 1)WeirdShotNalleandTyKneeling (1 of 1)WeirdShotNalleandTyFlying (1 of 1)AnotherGoodNalleBending (1 of 1)Gretsch4 (1 of 1) AnotherGoodNalleBendingCloser (1 of 1) American Music, loved by everyone but alot of Americans? Like Gary Clark Jr they ARE managing to get to command big enthusiastic crowds at their shows, and that audience will only get bigger as their touring continues.

Their fans are called Troublemakers and I am now one. Its a rare experience discovering another must-see band and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to photograph them on and off stage. They’re a very giving band-as if the great music weren’t enough! They welcomed me into soundcheck and posed happily for me, and the moment after they played their last song, they jumped off the stage and went directly to the merchandise table to meet and greet. They had sweat through their sharp 3 piece suits about half way through the show but they didn’t care: their fans were waiting. I have never ever seen a band do that. Gracious. Talented. Fire breathing musical energy heating up the stage. They will wear you out, but you’ll love it.

Their music has been described as “James Brown fronting Led Zeppelin” and that’s not too bad an assessment, but rock solid R&B- real R&B not what clogs up the radio most days is a good label too-except I don’t like labels, and neither does most really great music.

What I’m saying is obviously don’t miss them if they play near you. Their website is: and you can find videos, tour info, and music to purchase there. Go!

All images by Tracy Anne Hart ( and taken with Sony NEX-7, Zeiss 24mm f1.8 and 50mm f2.8 Makro Planar. Singer: Ty Taylor, Guitar: Nalle Colt, Drums: Richard Danielson. Missing was Bass player Rick Barrio Dill, out with emergency eye surgery. Special thanks to David Klein and Nalle Colt for helping set up the shoot, etc!

TyFrontofCClubwithSign (1 of 1)TyDancingwithGhosts (1 of 1)


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