Imagine Houston….

Joe Ely’s new album, B4 84 has just been released in both a hard copy CD and in a new format called V-Album (… This is a great collection of music Joe prepared on his home computer at the end of 1983-back when both home computers and doing music on them was something rare. I have several images in the packaging and I really appreciate being a part of it! Joe Blogs, too: You can learn more about the album there. I have a few images of Joe and friends from around that time period (1981-1985) here: Joe in the Lady’s Room at Rudyard’s in Houston, at Fitzgerald’s after a show with Dave Alvin and Alice Berry in 1982 (yes he’s throwing a drink at me! Damn photogs!), backstage at Fitzgerald’s with Stevie Ray Vaughan, July 1984, with Mick Jones of the Clash at the Sheraton Crest in Austin, June 1982, and at an Icehouse in Houston, November 1981. Joe Ely. A constant in the shifts of my photographic life. I will be seeing him this August 2 at the Mucky Duck in Houston, and you should catch him, too!


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