Price List For The Heights Gallery



Retail Prices:

8” X 10” and  8 ½” X 11—————————————————–$500.00

11” X 14”or 11” X 17”—————————————————————–$600.00

13” X 19”————————————————————————$750.00

16” X 20”————————————————————————$950.00

16” X 24”, 18” X 22, and 20” X 24”—————————————$1250.00

22” X 28” and 20” X30”——————————————————$1600.00

24” X 36”————————————————————————$2000.00

36” X 42”————————————————————————$2400.00

“Texas Flood” Triptych: three 20” X 30” prints, Limited Edition of fifty-four sets——————————————————————————-$4000.00

Stevie Ray Vaughan Limited Edition Set: 10 13″X 19″ archival pigment prints of my favorite SRV images from 1983-1990 in an archival folio: $5400.00.


Temporary Homepage

Only a few Sets remain.

Prices do not include frames or mats, shipping and handling. All prints larger than 20” X 24” are limited to 125 editions. The prints are Epson Pigment on Moab Entrada Rag or Epson Cold Press substrates.

Contact Tracy Anne Hart at or 713-202-0840 for more information. If you see this on Facebook or here and contact me, you’ll get a 25% discount!


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