Yep. It really does go on forever…

Update, June 1: I am still waiting to get my domain name transferred, and I have also found it difficult to get a workable template. There just don’t seem to be many out there that will accommodate mass quantities of images, and this has become a massive headache. I’m really not sure why it’s so difficult to find a template specifically for 30 years of photography when I know my audience wants to see all that plus my current stuff from the reactions I get here and on  Facebook, but wow is this a pain!

I will figure it out and get things going again, so I’d better sign off, post more images,and thank you for your patience. Mine is starting to run out!


Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1/31/1987


Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lenny, 6/20/1983


Stevie Ray Vaughan at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, Texas, 6/20/1983

SRVoutsideAstrodomeheadtoside (1 of 1) copy

Stevie Ray Vaughan outside the Astrodome, Houston, TX, 9/02/1989

NalleCarolynandTy (1 of 1) copy

Carolyn Wonderland onstage with Vintage Trouble, Austin, TX 10/30/2015

Tywithgreatlights (1 of 1)

Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble, Austin, Texas 10/30/2015


Nalle Colt and Rick Barrio Dill of Vintage Trouble, Austin, 10/30/2015


Dave Alvin at the Houston Continental Club, 2005

CharlieSextonatCactus copy

Charlie Sexton at Cactus Music and Video, Houston, TX 2002

IanMooreScan1993 (1 of 1)-2

Ian Moore at Sneakers in San Antonio, 1993


Joe Ely at Houston icehouse, November 1981


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