A Quick One

I’ll make this short and sweet: I think I’ve finally got this website conundrum licked. Not entirely to my satisfaction, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing. I would appreciate some feedback, suggestions, love letters, hate mail, etc so have at it! http://www.theheightsgallery.com

In other news, the Ian Moore show June 11 at Fitzgerald’s in Houston was superb, and if you missed it you should be kicking yourself. I’ve put several images I shot with the Sony/Zeiss combo in this Blog so you’ll have something to see besides my Homepage. Also my friend Eric Tessmer is releasing an EP next month and he and the band will be doing shows at the end of July to celebrate it. San Antonio July 22, Antone’s in Austin July 29, and Houston July 30. Hot Summer shows you need to go to!

FlashMediumLongArmup (1 of 1) copy

Ian Moore and His Guitar, June 11, Fitzgerald’s

MediumLongLateWithDrums (1 of 1)

Ian Moore at Fitzgerald’s, June 11, 2016

FlashGreenFitzSign5Stars (1 of 1)

Return to Fitzgerald’s: Ian Moore Band, June 11


AtMic (1 of 1)

At The Crossroads, Ian Moore at Fitzgerald’s, June 11

1959andEWricBandW (1 of 1) copy

Eric Tessmer and his 1959 Fender Strat, May 26, Saxon Pub, Austin



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